ethiopian community in santa monica


About us

Welcome to the Ethiopian Community in Santa Monica, a non-profit organization committed to offering educational, sports, health, and cultural development services, as well as community organizing initiatives.

Our Mission

The goal of ECOMISM is to ensure equal and just service to every family and group within our community, fostering unity and shared objectives among all.

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Our Vision

We strive to create a thriving Santa Monica community where members unite to enhance education, housing, jobs, health, safety, and culture. By learning from the past, optimizing resources, and innovating, we aim for a better future.


Our Values

We value history, diversity, care, collaboration, respect, integrity, and excellence. We adapt resources for our community’s needs, encourage innovation, and prioritize accountability for meaningful results.

Contact us

Interested in aiding the Ethiopian community or collaborating with us? Kindly get in touch.